The Best Bakeries & Patisseries in Melbourne

Do you enjoy life’s sweeter things? Here are some of our favourite bakeries, pastry shops and patisseries in Melbourne that will help you to satisfy your craving for buttery goodness.

It’s amazing that the basic ingredients for pastry are just flour, lots of butter, sugar, and possibly a few eggs. The best bakeries and patisseries in Melbourne have nonetheless created a wide variety of magical treats from these basic ingredients. Ranging from what might be the world’s best croissants to classic cakes you want to bring home to your friends and family.

The flavorful filling of a homemade pie, the flaky, buttery pastry of a good croissant, and the aroma of freshly baked bread…definitely worth travelling for!  

Chances are, whether you reside in the inner city or the outer suburbs of Melbourne, there is a bakery close by that sells the ideal bread for your Sunday breakfast or that perfect pain au chocolat to go with your coffee! We’ve done the legwork for you by locating the best of the best, so all you have to do is enjoy. Why not grab a GoGet and explore Melbourne’s best bakeries and patisseries?

Tarts Anon – Cremorne

Tarts Anon was created by Gareth Whitton, the former head pastry chef of Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. Tarts Anon, which started out with a flyer distribution in the couple’s apartment building, now has a kitchen and pick-up-only storefront in Cremorne. Be warned though, these tarts are next level popular and will often sell out in minutes. Every Monday at 6 p.m., pre-orders for half and whole tarts are available. During business hours or until all of the coffee and slices are gone, you can visit the retail shop for a slice of heaven.

Agathé Patisserie – South Melbourne

If, like us, you are a fan of croissants then this is a must-visit! After all croissants are a patisserie’s yardstick, and Agathe Kerr’s croissants will not disappoint. To give the dough time to rest, the yeast to ferment, and the butter time to take on the flavour of cultured butter, she leaves them out for 24 hours. If her limited-edition croissants on sale, such as the enticing green pandan-infused one, make sure you don’t miss them! There is a reason there is always a line at this patisserie. You won’t regret joining it!

Lune Croissanterie – Fitzroy & Melbourne CBD

This needs no introduction. Lune is not simply a store, it’s an iconic Melbourne destination. Queues frequently extend well beyond their front doors and most days by mid-late morning their pastries are gone from the shop, but is Lune really that good? Simply put, yes! It’s a Melbourne institution for a reason. A wonderful, buttery reason. Lune croissants are so crisp and golden with discernible layers of delicate pastry that they are almost mathematically perfect. It’s best to arrive early to avoid a long line or missing out. Our faves are the lemon curd or almond!

Penny for Pound – Richmond, Moorabbin, Camberwell

Your go-to for some of the freshest pastries in town. Visit for the flakiest of croissants, baked fresh every half hour, or a selection of delicious pastries, cakes and tarts. Your only problem will be choosing what to order! We love their raspberry and lychee cake, though their cruffins and rasberry and almond croissants are hard to look past too. Grab a box and take a selection home for later. 

Gordon St Bakery – Footscray

Locals line up outside this tiny shop in a charming shopping district to get the shop’s coffee or compete for the last almond croissant. The flaked almonds, icing sugar, and delicious almond paste filling of the almond croissant, which has a buttery, crisp exterior, are worth waiting for.

Bibelot – South Melbourne

Bibelot is an must-visit for all-things-sweet; an artisanal pâtisserie, gelateria, coffee bar and chocolate shop. You may have spotted their decadent delights on instagram. And for good reason. Both the individual-sized pastries and the gleaming chocolate bonbons appear almost too appealing to eat. Almost. Whether you’re up for a delectable brunch or opt to get a cake for an upcoming birthday (which you should!), you’ll soon become a fan of Bibelot.

Monarch – St Kilda

Considered the best cake shop in St Kilda, for more than 80 years, Monarch Cakes has baked cakes using the same recipes they did at the start. This St. Kilda cake shop has a vintage charm that can’t be matched. While you’re there, make sure to try a slice of the crowd-favourite Polish baked cheesecake, which is rich with creamy cottage cheese and made according to a century-old recipe.

Cavallini Artisan Bakery – Fitzroy North

When you walk into Cavallini, you almost feel as though you’ve stumbled into a small patisserie in the Marais because of how European it feels. A team of skilled chefs prepare everything at Cavallini using the finest regional and international ingredients. Sourdough and delicious almond croissants, along with other sweet-smelling pastries and sandwiches, are among the creations. There is something for every occasion, from delectable quiches to flaky croissants, from filling cheese loaves to magnificent opera cakes. It’s the ideal place to meet for coffee and something to eat because of the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

LuxBite – South Yarra

The cakes and pastries at LuxBite are textbook examples of French technique with unconventional flavour combinations. The opera cake from LuxBite contains green tea and Japanese rice wine, and the lolly bag cake has seven layers of fond memories. The cakes, desserts, and pastries at Luxbite never let you down; they have the ideal flavour combinations without being overly rich or sweet. Although the location is not particularly inviting for dining in, it will be difficult to find cakes that compare to theirs. Highly recommended for a special occasion or takeout. Although a bit pricey, the cakes are definitely worthwhile.

Bread Club – North Melbourne

Behind chic white rendered brick walls in North Melbourne, Bread Club, run by two French bakers, produces fruit loaves, baguettes, danishes, croissants, doughnuts, and everything else you’d expect from a classic bakery. This bakery has a long line, and the produce moves quickly, especially bakery specialities like the Morning Bun and Banana Split. With addictive savoury scrolls, artisan breads and an endless amount of treats this will be your new favourite.

Baker Bleu – Caulfield North

Baker Bleu  produces delicious, ethical pastries, groceries, and sourdough bread (what they’re famous for). Baker Bleu is the place to go if you’d prefer to pick up a loaf from a bakery that has truly mastered the art of sourdough. They supply Attica and Cumulus Inc, so you know it must be good! Everything you order, from the Country Loaf to the Sesame Challah, will taste like dreams and happiness, so there must be some magic brewing in their bakery. Going early is advised because there is a line and they frequently sell out. Yes some of the baked goods are a high-end item, but it’s well worth it!

Le Petit Gâteau – Melbourne CBD

In the very centre of Melbourne’s CBD, Le Petit Gateau’s window is the stuff of dreams, featuring a display of ornate cakes, delectable tarts, and vibrant macarons. If you’re in the CBD, don’t miss this hidden gem cake shop with a great vibe and staff! Small cakes, fluffy croissants, and chocolate treats await you inside this bakery, where you can enjoy them with a coffee at the café or take them home to wow the family. The best part is that you can watch the skilled bakers at Le Petit Gâteau create their exquisite treats through a large viewing window in the bakery.

Borgs Cakes – Altona West

This family-run bakery, which has been a fixture in Altona since 1966, was run by Tony Borg, who immigrated to Australia from Malta in 1957. Today, Michelle, Tony’s daughter, runs the bakery. People travel great distances to obtain the bakery’s pastizzi, a traditional Maltese pastry, as well as other handcrafted treats like ravioli that are made there every day. There is also a reason hundreds of people love their birthday/celebration cakes – delectable.

Falco Bakery – Collingwood

Falco is a bakery that is a hidden gem in the inner city, but it offers something a little different. They are a small-batch bakery that only produces scrumptious baked goods by combining traditional methods with cutting-edge innovations. You can find unusual breads like a fermented oat and porridge loaf in addition to the standard breads like country loaves and sourdough. The pastries at this bakery are also of the highest calibre; they include items like a peanut butter and house-fermented miso cookie and a fruit Danish pastry with cream cheese filling. Just make sure you pick up one of their renowned pies; that flaky, buttery pastry filled with delicious goodness just warms your soul!

Tivoli Road Bakery – South Yarra

Tivoli Road Bakery, a well-known establishment in Melbourne’s bread community, has been churning out some of the best bread – in a variety of flavours – since it first opened there south of the river in 2012. Whether you’re looking for a good sourdough or loaf, fruit Danish, croissants, doughnuts, or a thick cut toasted sandwich for lunch, you won’t be disappointed!

Coco’s Patisserie – Carnegie

Coco’s is popular with both locals and visitors from other areas because it brings a touch of Parisian flair to the streets of Carnegie by baking fresh bread, pastries, and delectable cakes every day. Using high-quality ingredients that are sourced locally, you’ll be treated to some of the best cheesecakes around, as well as traditional almond croissants, tarts, slices, and cruffins, under the direction of Katherine Marks and Michael James, the founder of Tivoli Road Bakery. A seven-layer lamington with a fluffy sponge and homemade jam may be the star of the entire show, but go early because nothing stays around for long!

Ovens Street Bakery– Brunswick

Ovens Street operates out of a commercial area next to a panel beater, so you’d be excused if you didn’t recognise it as a bakery if you passed by. But behind this unassuming façade, one of Melbourne’s most well-known bakeries can be found. This bakery is a bread lovers delight; we are talking rye, polenta soy, linseed, whole wheat, white breads and more. They’re also famous for their delicious pastries—probably among Melbourne’s top 3—and unquestionably one of the best bakeries in the region! To avoid the (very long) line, place an online order in advance. The coffee is also great, but there is limited seating.

Masarap Bakery – Braybrook

This family-owned Filipino bakery is open seven days a week and has been providing Braybrook with sweet and savoury treats for over 20 years. If you want some of the best ensaymada, bread with cheese on top, or some steamed siopao (pork buns) in the West, get there quickly because there will be a line. This is the place to go if you enjoy pandesal, which is bread made with salt. They don’t let you down, whether they’re hot and freshly made or packed and ready to order.

Baker D Chirico  – Carlton

Call off your search if you’re looking for a good pie because Baker D Chirico is serving up the goods. What better way to cap off a stroll through Melbourne’s central business district than with a cherry Danish pastry from Baker D Chirico? Consider hearty beef pies with tomato-infused gravy and spinach and cheese pastry parcels that are bursting with salty feta cheese for quick and convenient lunch options.

At Easter, this bakery also makes fantastic hot cross buns, but get them quickly because locals go crazy for them and they don’t stay on the shelves for very long (if they make it there at all). They also make one of the best sausage rolls around!

Candied Bakery – Spottswood

Even if your only goal when visiting Candied Bakery is to purchase a loaf of bread, you’ll probably leave with an armful of other baked goods. This bakery on the west side of town offers hot, big-as-your-face cinnamon rolls, copious slices of cake, sweet and savoury pastries, filled doughnuts, American-style sweet tarts, cookies, and sandwiches made with the bakery’s own bread and focaccia. The staff enjoy celebrating all holidays, so you can frequently find seasonal treats in stock. The well-known macadamia mille-feuille pairs well with a cup of tea or coffee because it is crispy, creamy, nutty, and has a hint of caramel sprinkled on top. Candied Bakery is worth the wait in line! Be patient and you will be amply rewarded, so don’t give up. 

Blanc Bakery – Berwick

Since late 2021, Blanc Bakery has been bringing artisanal baked goods to Berwick. Nearly every item at Blanc Bakery is sold out by 10.30am every day, so you better get there early if you want some of the best sourdough, croissants, or custard-filled doughnuts in Melbourne’s south-east. If you’re a big fan of pastries, it will be really difficult to resist buying everything! From tasty sourdough to all of their bread and pastries, you will savour each bite. Don’t forget to grab some bagels or doughnuts as well.

Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop – Ascot Vale

Since 2010, Mister Nice Guys, Victoria’s first entirely vegan bakery, has been serving hot treats straight from the oven. Cakes are their specialty, with a range of cupcakes, celebration cakes, and character cakes in a wide range of flavours, including pink lemonade and peanut butter pretzel on offer.  The bakery also produces delicious pastries, both sweet and savoury (try the brioche doughnuts, cheesymite scrolls, or vegan cheesecakes), that are frequently sold out by lunchtime. Cakes without sugar or gluten are also available, and each cake comes with a complete list of allergens. If you’re looking for a vegan bakery, definitely check it out.

All Are Welcome – Northcote

From gianduja babka buns to Czech honey cakes, you’ll find them all here at All Are Welcome. Their bread is outstanding, and their pastries are flawless. Some of the best breads you will ever have are the Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onion Bougasse and the Rosemary, Olive and Lemon Bougasse. It’s also highly advised to bring home a sourdough! Once you’ve sampled their wares you’ll understand why it’s always so busy.

Bakemono – Melbourne CBD

Lovely personnel and a cute store in an alleyway with the ability to preorder some pastries to pick up makes visiting Bakemono simple and easy. Walk-ins are also an option, but they sell out quickly so go early.

The baked goods from Bakemono are always a hit. Shokupan (fluffy milk bread) whole loaves, flaky almond-yuzu croissants, Danishes stuffed with berries, and soft buns stuffed with cream cheese and brushed with garlic butter are all available. There is only a small bench outside that provides seating, but you can always cross over to the state library to eat outside.

Wild Life Bakery – Brunswick East

The outstanding slow-fermented sourdough loaves are fantastic and well worth buying to take home, but if you have the opportunity, we suggest dining at Wild Life. Toasties are the star of the mostly vegetarian menu inside this striking converted warehouse. Lovely, serene and spacious, Wild Life Bakery is a blast and will be one of your go-to weekend places. You will be drawn in by the heavenly aroma of the freshly baked goods and toasted sandwiches at this bakery. They change their menus constantly and produce fresh, limited-edition products, so it’s definitely worth visiting frequently. Because they are so good, their famous kimchi toasties and caramelised onion toasties, as well as their assortment of cakes and pastries, sell out so quickly. Their sausage rolls and pies are exceptional. The filling is so complex and they love their blend of sweet and savoury flavours as well as aromatics, but the flaky pastry is also a winner. Keep an eye out for their specials because they are always incredible!

Casa Nata – Thornbury

Casa Nata is a cute, simple, and pleasing to the eye cafe. They specialise in selling Portuguese egg custard tarts, and they do it flawlessly. Watch the preparation of your “pastéis de nata” at this dedicated Portuguese tart shop before devouring the flaky, silky, and slightly cinnamon-flavored treats right out of the oven. The interior custard maintains the delicate harmony between sweetness and cheeseiness without being overly sweet. Only magic can account for how they manage to deliver a satisfying crunch and juicy filling.

Firebrand Bakery – Ripponlea

Firebrand Bakery is known for their amazing sourdough bread that is consistently and delectably good. For over 25 years the Ripponlea-based Firebrand Bakery has been producing sourdough loaves, building its reputation on intuition, trust, and a mighty fine loaf. With a register from the 1950s, an oven from the 1930s, and a shop steeped in history, this place is full of history and character. If you could give 10 stars to sourdough it might be theirs. People travel hours to stock up on bread and freeze it! Yes their bread is good but so are the other baked goods produced by this bakery The brownies, banana cake, cinnamon scrolls, and (non-fried) cinnamon donuts are all must-tries.

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