Seniors Car Hire: Senior citizens get a better deal with GoGet

The cost of living is going up, and getting around gets harder as you age. That means seniors spend more money than they should while struggling to get around, because transport wasn’t designed with seniors in mind.

But with an ageing population, we can’t keep giving seniors second class service.

At GoGet, we help seniors get more freedom and save money, by offering seniors car hire for incredibly low rates.

Cars for older drivers: More expensive than ever

What are the best cars for older drivers? Truthfully, the best cars for elderly drivers is a car you don’t own.

Our second most expensive things are our cars (after your home). A small car like a Toyota Yaris, costs at least $7,000 a year before you even drive it! The price goes up considerably if you own a bigger car.

GoGet makes that cost optional. GoGet gives you access to cars on-street or in car parks all over the city, which you can use just like a normal car. You can book GoGets by the hour, so the service is often cheaper than owning a car, or a second car.

But GoGet is more than just a great car for older drivers – we give seniors a huge range of vehicles. Seniors can hire hatchbacks, SUVs, utes, vans, people movers, and convertibles! We also pay for fuel, maintenance, insurance, and rego, which makes life as an older driver much easier!

There are no joining or ongoing membership fees for seniors, and no contracts! That means it’s risk free to join GoGet, and see how it suits your life.

GoGet covers these costs and hassles:

Seniors Car Hire: An expensive alternative

Before car share, seniors who didn’t own a car would need to rent a car when they needed to drive somewhere. Car rental for seniors is an option, but it means getting to a car hire office, filling out forms, and proving your driving experience.

But GoGet is different. GoGet isn’t seniors car hire – it’s seniors car share.

As a GoGet member on our GoSenior plan, you only need to prove your identity once, when you sign up, which you can do from the comfort of your lounge room! After that, you just book your nearest car online, then go straight to the car when you need to use it.

GoGet for older drivers: For a vacation or everyday

The real reason why GoGet is a better option than car hire for seniors is because GoGet car share isn’t just for holidays!

Because most GoGet members pay a regular monthly fee (not seniors though!) we’re able to offer very low hourly rates, which car rental companies just can’t compete with! But we extend the GoGet convenience to vacations and weekends away by offering low daily rates as well.

All this means you can use a GoGet for a trip to the shops, as well as a trip to the mountains! No matter why you’re on the road, GoGet gives you easy and affordable access to the right vehicle. Considering how cheap our seniors car hire rates are, this makes life more affordable and easier than ever!

The best car for elderly drivers is a GoGet

Our seniors car share plan has zero upfront or membership fees and no lock-in contracts. That means there’s zero risk in joining GoGet, and seeing how the service works for you.

Whether you use GoGet to replace your first or second car, or as an extra option when you need to get somewhere quickly, GoGet can work for you. Zero membership fees for seniors gives you that flexibility!

Just find your nearest GoGet car, then join GoGet by clicking the button below. You can cancel at any time. But we think you’ll like the service so much you’ll stick with us, just like the thousands of senior citizens already using GoGet!

GoGet Writing Team

The GoGet writing team is a mix of ex-journalists, novelists, and experts in future mobility and smart city design.


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