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With an ever-changing economy, it’s becoming more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to get smarter about their expenses. Staff transport is often one of the biggest costs and it’s easy to justify, because if you’re not spending that money, your staff aren’t out making money.

But you’re probably unaware of just how much your outdated traditional fleet model is costing you, and just how much GoGet for business can save you. 

The most obvious cost consideration when it comes to a business fleet is whether it’s a Capital or Operating expense. A traditional fleet, that is, investing in your own cars, is a Capex fleet management solution requiring huge upfront purchase costs before your staff have even hit the road as well as ongoing maintenance costs.

This model can be really disruptive to your cashflow and is a bit of a gamble, especially for businesses that are in growth periods and can’t accurately predict their usage of fleet vehicles.

An Opex fleet solution allows you to pay as go you so you’re only paying for what you’re actually using. You don’t own the cost, so when your business isn’t actually using a car, it’s not costing you anything. GoGet is an Opex solution allowing you to maintain your cashflow and mitigate your budgeting risks.

Your car travel expenses are wrapped up in one neat monthly fee and we even work out the most economical way to charge you for usage of GoGet vehicles whether that be by the hour, or at our daily rates for trips where you’re travelling extra kilometres.

And, speaking of daily vs hourly rates, GoGet allows you greater flexibility when using our cars compared to rental cars. Most rental cars charge for 24 hours periods. That means that if you’re on an overnight trip and return the car a few hours after you picked it up the day before, you get charged for a whole extra day. With GoGet, you’ll get charged a daily rate for that first 24 hours, and then switch to hourly for that couple of hours it takes you to get your car back the next day.

Staff efficiency is often one of the last things considered when calculating the transport costs of your business but it’s one of the most costly. Paperwork is a huge time waster for multiple members of your team as the one piece of paper gets passed from person to person for approval. Then there’s insurance forms, kilometre tracking and expense claims.   

Let’s not forget about operating costs either. There’s fuel, an expense that is impossible to predict and budget for as a business, insurance costs that can fluctuate significantly depending on who’s driving your fleet, as well as the regular mechanical maintenance that’s required and any extra work if something goes wrong with your vehicle.

Of course, we wouldn’t be highlighting all of these expensive problems with fleet cars if GoGet wasn’t the perfect solution. We take away the need for extensive paperwork, saving time and money across your whole team. When using GoGet, you don’t have to worry about fluctuating fuel expenses because we cover that for you and we even cover all of the maintenance expenses on our cars so your team can be safer on the road.

The best part about GoGet, is that we’re not all talk. We’ve seen how we’re able to save a huge variety of businesses, of all different sizes and models, reduce costs and save money. In fact, GoGet has saved the Department of Primary Industries around $250,000 annually through a trial that saw DPI replace four cars from its fleet using GoGet instead. The trial has turned into a reliable and cost-cutting transport solution for DPI and that number will only continue to rise as they continue using GoGet for their staff!

Signing your business up for GoGet couldn’t be simpler and we’ve got experts on hand to help you make the most of your account. For a chat about switching your fleet to GoGet, get in touch via

Jessica Frost

Jessica is an experienced freelance copywriter and content producer based out of Sydney, Australia.


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