Where to park in Richmond: A Guide to parking in Richmond, Victoria

Richmond, Victoria is a vibrant inner-suburb of Melbourne, just 3km outside the CBD. There’s plenty to do in town, but it’s most famous for its discount shopping, huge range of places to eat and drink, and its close proximity to “The G” (Melbourne Cricket Ground), the largest sports stadium in the southern hemisphere.

Richmond is well served by public transport and GoGet Car Share. If you do need to bring your own car, read on for our guide on where to park in Richmond.

How to avoid parking in Richmond

The best way to get to Richmond is via train or tram, with lots of route choices. You can get to Richmond’s train station from Flinders Street Station in the CBD, with a travel time of about 10 minutes. Tram numbers 70, 109, 48 and 75 will also get you from the city into various parts of Richmond.

Street parking in Richmond

There’s limited street parking in Richmond, if you want to try your luck. Most street parking is timed, and some spaces are reserved for local permit holders. Your best bet is to look on side streets away from the busier areas – but always pay attention to the signage. Remember parking will be harder to find in peak times or where there are events on at the MCG, so leave lots of time to look for a spot.

Cheap Parking in Richmond: Richmond Quarter Car Park

If you’re looking for a park near Bridge Road, the Richmond Quarter Car Park is hard to beat. This car park is accessed from 271 Bridge Road and offers easy access to shopping on the main strip. It’s open 24/7 and you can pay for parking with cash or credit card.

Parking rates (as of March 2023) are as follows:

  • 0 – 1 hours: Free

  • 1 – 2 hours: Free

  • 2 – 3 hours: $4.00

  • 3 – 4 hours: $8.00

  • 4+ hours: $12.00

Looking down on the MCG oval from the stands

Share with Oscar

If you don’t want to try your luck with street parking, Share with Oscar allows you to easily book cheap parking in Richmond and other parts of Melbourne. Share with Oscar works with businesses, car parks and homeowners with spare parking to offer rates that are up to 70% cheaper than the car parks.

The platform has hundreds of options available in most parts of Melbourne, including parking in St Kilda, Carlton and Melbourne CBD. The best part is, once you’ve booked, you may rest assured knowing that you have guaranteed parking for the day.

Book cheap Parking in Richmond with Share with Oscar now or check out the mobile app.

Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre

Victoria Gardens is a shopping centre on the corner of Victoria and Burnley Streets. Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre car park gives you access to one of the major shopping hubs in Richmond – with supermarkets, cinemas, and food retailers close at hand.

This is some of the cheapest parking in Richmond if you’re parking for just a few hours, but stay over 6 hours and parking gets expensive.

Parking fees (as of March 2023) are:

  • 0 – 1 Hour: $1.00

  • 1 – 2 Hours: $2.00

  • 2 – 3 Hours: $3.00

  • 3 – 4 Hours: $5.00

  • 4 – 5 Hours: $8.00

  • 5 – 6 Hours: $18.00

  • Over 6 Hours: $38.00

Overnight Rate (enter after 6pm leave before 9am): $5.00

If you shop at some of the big retailers, you could be entitled to free parking (minimum purchases may apply). Just validate your ticket in-store before returning to your vehicle. Be careful though – if you stay for longer than the free parking validation period you’ll need to pay for the full duration of your stay.

Here are the free parking validation options:

  • Coles or Kmart: 1 Hour Free

  • Fitness First: 2 Hours Free

  • IKEA or Hoyts Cinema: 4 Hours Free

Remember if you’re shopping at Richmond IKEA, there are GoGet cars and vans available for rent by the hour if you need to get big purchases home. You can park your car free for 4 hours with IKEA validation, using a GoGet van to get your purchases home. Then pick your car up when you return the van.

If you’re an IKEA Family member, you’ll be able to sign up to GoGet and get your first year free on a GoStarter plan!

Church Street Car Park

If you’re heading to Church Street for a short-stay, you could consider Church Street Car Park. This car park is open from 6am - 8pm 7 days per week. Make sure to book ahead to reduce your parking fee!

Parking rates (as of March 2023) are as follows:

  • Weekdays:

    • 0.0 – 1.0 hrs: $6.00 (online), $9.00 (drive-up)

    • 1.0 - 2.0 hrs: $12.00 (online), $15.00 (drive-up)

    • 2.0 - 3.0 hrs: $16.00 (online), $20.00 (drive-up)

    • All Day (max 12 hrs): $22

  • Weekend:

    • 0.0 – 1.0 hrs: $4.00 (online), $6.00 (drive-up)

    • 1.0 - 2.0 hrs: $9.00 (online), $12.00 (drive-up)

    • 2.0 - 3.0 hrs: $13.00 (online), $16.00 (drive-up)

    • All Day (max 12 hrs): $18

Epworth Hospital

If you need to visit Epworth Hospital on Bridge Road, there’s limited undercover parking available. Hospital parking is never cheap, but it’s an easy option when you really need to be there. The car park entrance is on Bridge Road. Be mindful spaces fill up quickly during busy times.

Parking fees (as of March 2023) are:

  • 0 – 30 mins:     $9.00

  • 30 mins – 1 hr: $13.00

  • 1 hr – 1.5 hrs:   $18.00

  • 1.5 hrs – 2 hrs: $23.00

  • 2 hrs – 2.5 hrs: $28.00

  • 2.5 hrs – 3 hrs: $33.00

  • 3 hrs – 3.5 hrs: $40.00

  • 3.5 hrs – 4 hrs: $50.00

  • 4 hrs –  6 hrs:   $60.00

  • 1 week: $130

Ace Parking – Allowah Terrace

Located off Bridge Road and close to Epworth Hospital, Allowah Terrace Car Park is operated by Ace Parking and is both convenient and cheap. This car park is open 24/7 and has no height restrictions. It’s also just a short stroll away from the MCG, so it’s a great spot for game day parking or night time events at the stadium. Just get there early!

Parking rates are:

  • $4.00 Per Hour

  • $15.00 Max Weekdays/ $9.00 Max Weekends (12 Hours)

Monthly account parking is also available on request, with a fixed fee for parking each month. Fill out the monthly account request form for more information.

Richmond Parking ProTip: PayStay

This one isn’t a car parking location, but an app to help you find one. PayStay is a convenient way to search for available on and off-street parking spaces, and to use cashless payments too.

When using the app, you’ll be able to check it for parking availability in an area. It will show parking availability as low, medium, or high, so you’ll know just where you need to go. Once you have a spot you can use the app to pay for parking and to set reminders to let you know when your parking session is about to expire. It’s super useful!

Plan ahead for a great game, shop, or day out

Having a plan for parking in Richmond will make your life a lot easier. There are lots of options for cheap parking in Richmond, but as the closest suburb to the MCG it’s crowded when there’s a big game on. The stadium does hold over 100,000 people after all!

If you’re heading to the grand final or some other big event, it really is worth getting public transport to avoid worrying about where to park in Richmond. It’s a pretty easy suburb to get around without a car, and the rest of Melbourne is quickly catching up.

On that note – if you ever decide to sell you car and live car free, know that it’s not so hard! GoGet Car Share has over 1000 cars and vans across Melbourne, and is cheap and convenient to use when you need to drive somewhere. Tens of thousands of Melbournians are already using GoGet to replace owning a car – what are you waiting for!

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