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$87/day inc. 120km
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GoGet Rates - GoSenior Plan

GoGet Small Hatchback
Small Hatchback
$7.60/hr + $0.44/km
$87/day inc. 120km
GoGet Medium Hatchback
Medium Hatchback
$10.50/hr + $0.44/km
$100/day inc. 120km
GoGet Van
$13.40/hr + $0.44/km
$113/day inc. 120km
GoGet Van
Medium Van
$13.40/hr + $0.44/km
$108/day inc. 120km
GoGet Van
People Mover
$16.20/hr + $0.44/km
$152/day inc. 120km

“Low price, value for money, and one of the few places that will acknowledge a senior’s card.”

— Colleen Crisp – Brisbane


“As a senior citizen with limited mobility, it’s very convenient to book a GoGet, which is 1 minute walk from my apartment, to do my weekly shop. Customer service is always efficient, and payment I make by direct debit which is very convenient. There are 6 GoGets within walking distance, so if my usual car is booked there’s always another close. I’m a great fan of GoGet as it means I don’t need to own a car. Thank you GoGet.”

— Dave – Product Review


GoGet gives you access to a car when you need one, without the costs and hassles of owning a car. We have vehicles parked in neighbourhood streets, shopping centres and other central locations, which you can book by the hour or by the day. If you have a Seniors Card, you can join GoGet on a membership fee free plan. See if there are GoGet cars near you by searching our network map, and join today to start driving.

Usage Rates




Small Hatch

$7.60/hour + $0.44/km $87/day inc. 120kms

Medium Hatch

$10.50/hour + $0.44/km $100/day inc. 120kms

Compact SUV

$11.90/hour + $0.44/km $108/day inc. 120kms


$13.40/hour + $0.44/km $113/day inc. 120kms


$15.00/hour + $0.44/km $122/day inc. 120kms

People Mover

$16.20/hour + $0.44/km $152/day inc. 120kms

Compact Van & Ute

$12.00/hour + $0.44/km $97/day inc. 120kms

Medium Van

$13.40/hour + $0.44/km $108/day inc. 120kms

Large Diesel Van

$14.20/hour + $0.44/km $114/day inc. 120kms


$16.00/hour + $0.44/km $142/day inc. 120kms

The fine print:

  • Insurance is included, but you can reduce your damage cover of $3000-$5000 by paying $1.90 per hour extra, up to $19.90 per day. Find out more here

  • When you join GoGet, a pre-authorisation charge of $1 is taken to ensure that the payment card is valid. This is a temporary pre-authorisation and the release of funds can take up to 4 weeks.

  • Inconsiderate carshare etiquette may attract other fees and charges.

  • Some pods incur a location surcharge. This is listed when you choose a car and before you make a booking.