Compare to Car Ownership

The choice to own a car is an expensive one. There’s a whole heap of upfront and hidden costs. But when you compare care share vs owning a car, car share wins most of the time. We’ve done the numbers on car share vs car ownership, to save you some time (and money, it ends up!)

GoGet car share vs owning a car

You probably know how owning a car works. You buy a car, generally for a lot of money, and drive it when you need to. Then you have to run around and arrange registration, insurance, and repairs, as well as pay the thousands of dollars per year they cost.

GoGet car share members don’t worry about that. Their membership gets them access to a vehicle for every occasion, and use them when and where they want.

Not only do they avoid the hassle of owning a car, car share members almost always pay less than they would if they owned a car.

How much does owning a car cost?

The table below details the many costs of owning a Toyota Corolla, based on the RACV’s 2019 analysis.

Cost of owning a Corolla

List Price ($)


On Road Price ($)


Trade-in Value after 5 years ($)



Fuel (cents/km)


Tyres (cents/km)


Servicing (cents/km)


Total Running Costs (cents/km)



Depreciation ($/week)


Interest ($/week)


On Roads, Stamp, Reg, Insurance, Roadside ($/week)


Total Standing Costs ($/week)



Annual Cost (before kilometres)


So before you even hit the road, owning a car costs over $6,000!

Remember this is for a Corolla, so you should expect much higher costs for bigger cars and slightly lower costs for some smaller vehicles. Here are a few examples:

Model of Car

Annual cost

Toyota Yaris


Toyota Camry


Kia Sportage


Kia Carnival


Instead of paying these huge prices every year to own these vehicles, GoGet car share members can use them for a low price per hour.

Man loading IKEA flatpack furniture into a GoGet van

How much does GoGet car share cost?

GoGet car share has plans for people who use vehicles every now and then, people who use us instead of a second car, or for people who use car share instead of owning a car at all.

Memberships range from $49 a year to $30 per month. The higher memberships give you much cheaper hourly rates and are worth it if you drive more than a few hours a week.

No matter what plan you pick, GoGet looks after:

So you can relax, and focus on what really matters.

But wait – there’s more!

If you’re a student, senior, run a business or a charity, you could be eligible for the best rates we offer!

There’s a special set of rates for you, with low fees and maximum flexibility.

Student getting into a GoGet

Is car share cheaper than owning a car?

It depends on how often you use it.

If you drive less than 10,000km a year, you’ll probably save money using GoGet car share instead. Especially once you start driving smarter, getting more done with fewer trips, like most of our members do.

You’ll also be helping to avoid the less tangible costs of owning a car. You’ll take us less space, you’ll help lower traffic, and you’ll be helping the environment by reducing your consumption.

Ready to join 200,000+ GoGet members who’ve made the switch?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do people really use GoGet instead of owning a car?

    They sure do! Not only do they save money with car share, they generally love living without a car. No longer do they worry about parking, repairs, or insurance, they can just get on with living. Compared to owning a car, using GoGet makes things easier.

    You can meet a few people who’ve made the switch here.

  • I could use a van from time to time, do you have those?

    Yep! GoGet car share has over 500 vans for hire on street and in car parks. You can use them by the hour, so it’s normally much cheaper than traditional van hire.

    You can read more about the vans in our fleet here.

  • I have to use my car every day, how does this help?

    We get it, sometimes car ownership is needed. Maybe for work, or because you live a bit further out. But maybe you could use car share instead of owning a second car? You’re not risking much by signing up and seeing if it works for you.

  • What other cars do you have

    Car share gives you access to a whole wardrobe of vehicles!

    We’ve got runabouts, like the Toyota Yaris and Toyota Corolla. We’ve also got SUVs, including the Kia Sportage and Toyota RAV4. We’ve got Kia Carnival people movers, Toyota Hiace vans, and Toyota Hilux utes.

    You can see GoGet’s whole fleet here.