How To Take Your Kids On A Roadtrip

When taking a long road trip with children, it is vitally important to keep them engaged. Driving for long distances is stressful enough on its own, without having children who are shouting that they are bored and disappointed already in the journey.

But all of those potential problems can be fixed with a bit of planning and a dynamic sense of adventure. Whether you lead the activities or get out of the way to let your kids take the lead, a spectacular road trip can easily happen if you follow these simple four steps.

#1 Be Creative To Maintain Your Kids’ Attention

Although they may disagree with this suggestion, a road trip where kids stay on their tablets and phones can make for a quiet and disengaged experience. Instead, it is a great idea to find projects that engage the mind of your children as you ride to your destination.

Before you leave, take a bag and pack it with books that you can read together, drawing supplies, games made for the car, and perhaps, any of your children’s favorite toys.

But the secret is not to throw the bag to them at the beginning of the trip, but rather to play along and engage beside them.

For example, when you are reading the book, ask them questions that fuel their creativity. Another great idea is to break out the coloring book and have a contest for “Best Coloring” or “Most Original.”

As you play, make sure to encourage their effort in these activities as your enthusiasm will feed their desire to push their imagination to new heights.

#2 Give Your Kids Organic Food To Keep Energy Levels High During The Trip

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make when hitting the road is by loading their children up on sugary snacks in an attempt to appease and smooth over any potential issues during the drive.

This strategy backfires because it creates a temporary high for the children that only leads to the inevitable crash in mood and energy once the sugar metabolizes.

So, rather than stack boxes of junk food for the road trip, keep your children’s energy level even with delicious snacks that provide good sources of natural nutrition.

A terrific place to start your shopping list is with organic fruit that is sliced and chilled the night before the trip. The body will respond to the natural sugars of the fruit in different ways than if processed sugar introduces itself into the bloodstream. As a result, your children will maintain a moderate level of mood that will benefit everyone in the car.

Other great snacks include nuts, peanut butter and crackers, and low-calorie cheeses that will stave off hunger and give everyone on the trip a healthy boost that will make the ride far more enjoyable.

#3 Introduce Physical Activities During Pit Stops

A great way to break up the monotony of a road trip is by finding activities that create physical activity.

You’ll be surprised at how twenty minutes at a local park, can rejuvenate the spirits of your children. They’ll love playing somewhere new, and if you want to memorialize the trip with pictures, the park is an excellent place for some fun action shots with smiling faces.

If you have sports lovers in the car, a round of golf is a dynamic idea that gets everyone in the car outside and interacting with nature. Most courses rent clubs so you won’t have to worry about loading down the vehicle with equipment.

After your activity is over, expect the energy level to drop in the car, so have plenty of comfortable pillows and blankets for the children to rest if they decide to take a nap.

Finally, don’t be afraid to let everyone recuperate with a good audio book or perhaps, some fun music during this rest period.

#4 Make The Road Trip Exciting With Surprises

The best memories a family can make on a road trip are the ones where everything is not pre-planned.

By keeping your options open for activities, you give everyone a chance to add their personal spin on creating beautiful moments that will last a lifetime.

One of the best ways to keep things exciting on a road trip is by discovering new restaurants as you travel through unknown towns and cities.

If you know that the family is getting hungry, don’t be afraid to pull out your phone and find unique eateries in places you’ll soon be passing through with your car. Each area has its own specialties, and you’ll undoubtedly find something that will delight both parents and children.

By keeping the trip open for new experiences you’ll give the excursion an energy that will have everyone inspired for the next great adventure.

Well, those are four fantastic tips that will put you on your way to creating the best road trip your family has ever experienced. Stay safe and enjoy your vacation!


About the author: Jordan Fuller is a golf enthusiast who loves traveling and spending time with his kids. When going on vacation, the car is likely what he uses to travel with his kids. This article expresses his recommendations on how to take your kids on a roadtrip smoothly.

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