Carshare for Developers

A great selling point, GoGet on-site in your building delivers ongoing benefits to your tenants. We work with councils, security solution providers and strata, making GoGet on-site easy at every stage.

Reduce parking requirements. Increase return on investment.

More high density, inner city living means car ownership is increasingly a burden. GoGet Carshare in your building allows tenants to use a car, without the cost or hassle of owning their own.

GoGet on-site benefits you, tenants, and the community. We make it easy to put a GoGet pod into your development at no cost to you.

How does GoGet carshare work?

GoGet is Australia’s first and largest car share network, giving over 170,000 members access to over 3,000 cars across Australia.

With high brand recognition and trust, a GoGet pod in your building is a selling point that’s managed by us, at no cost to you.

  • How it works - Join


    There’s a plan for every driver. Once approved we mail new members a smart card.

  • How it works - Book


    Cars can be searched for and booked on the GoGet app – by the hour or by the day.

  • How it works - swipe


    Members unlock cars will the smart card. The ignition key is near the steering wheel.

  • How it works - Go


    Cars are returned at the end of a trip. There’s a fuel card in the car to pay for petrol.

“With parking becoming less crucial to buyers, developers are increasingly doing away with a car spot for every apartment and turning to car share.”

— Domain


Benefits for Developers

GoGet on-site offers nothing but positives for developers. We look after the operation of the pod at no cost to you, with very little set-up cost.

  • Green Building Accreditation

    Green Building Accreditation

    Green Star points are given for reduced parking and dedicated carshare spaces. The GBCA recommends 1 pod per 70 residents.

  • Lasting benefits

    Lasting benefits

    We work with owners after construction, and cars are cared for by us. Local GoGet members using the pod also increase retail footfall.

  • A great selling point

    A great selling point

    GoGet is a meaningful sustainability angle, and tenants get free membership. Carshare is increasingly seen as crucial infrastructure.

  • Sell apartments without parking

    Sell apartments without parking

    A single GoGet pod services 23 members. Experience show apartments without parking sell better in GoGet equipped buildings.

Benefits for Residents

An on-site GoGet is a car residents can use like their own. There are huge benefits for your tenants, which you can use to market your development.

  • Only pay for what you use

    Only pay for what you use

    Most car costs are paid even when you don’t drive. Tenants book a GoGet by the hour, and only pay when they need to drive.

  • One membership, thousands of vehicles

    One membership, thousands of vehicles

    GoGet has over 3,000 cars, vans, and SUVs across Australia. Cars at airports, shopping centres, and hotels makes travel easy.

  • A happier, healthier lifestyle

    A happier, healthier lifestyle

    Tenants mostly use public transport, and GoGet when a car’s needed. That means stronger communities and local businesses.

  • All the fun of a car, none of the hassle

    All the fun of a car, none of the hassle

    Petrol, maintenance, rego, and insurance are paid by GoGet. Residents can sell an existing car, or not buy one to begin with.

“Terrace House is a sustainable apartment building with no car parking. Our residents include singles, couples, and families with kids, and we’ve all chosen to live without private cars. Carshare is one of the things that makes that possible. Most of the time, we get around using our feet, bikes, or public transport. But for longer trips or big shops, it’s great to know there’s a car or van around the corner. We get all the benefits of car ownership at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact.

— Terrace House Strata


How do you put GoGet in your development?

Get in touch with our Carshare Strategic Planner Darcy Lechte, to discuss how to put GoGet into your development and reap the benefits of carshare.

We can figure out how how many vehicles, which makes and models, and the signage required for deployment.

Darcy Lechte, Carshare Strategic Planner

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