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When it comes to business, time is money, and few things costs a business more than dwindling staff efficiency. According to research, businesses are losing anywhere between 20-30% of their annual revenue due to inefficiency. With stats like that, anything you can do to improve your numbers is worth it, and one of those is changing the way you approach your staffs’ transport.

Fleet cars dominate new car purchases in Australia with 52% of total sales being attributed to businesses in 2017. Yet their management remains as one of the biggest stressors and time-wasters for SMEs. Not only does the purchase of your own car fleet come as a huge Capex, their management continues to cost your staff’s time, and therefore your business’ money, for as long as you own and run the cars. Convenient staff transport is crucial to a business but it shouldn’t come at the expense of staff productivity.

GoGet is changing the way businesses manage their fleet by being an affordable, convenient and flexible option allowing businesses of all sizes to save time and money when getting their staff on the road. Rather than having to invest huge amounts of money and time into your own fleet, GoGet allows you to move your transport to an Opex model protecting both your cashflow and precious time.

Here’s why GoGet for business is great for your efficiency…

You can pick up your GoGet from a convenient location

With more than 3,500 vehicles in our growing network, there’s a very good chance there’s a GoGet located near your front door or even in your building. We’ve got cars throughout CBD areas, suburban locations, near train stations and at a number of airports so you can jump into a GoGet from wherever you are, including your home, without having to take an extra trip to pick up a rental car or head into your office to get a fleet vehicle. You’re saving time from the second you step out your door.

You’re not confined to business hours

Whether you’re sending your employees to line up at a car rental depot or have your own fleet on site at the office, you’re confined to operating hours for pick-ups and drop-offs of the vehicle. With GoGet, staff can pick up and drop off their car whenever they need to without worrying about late or after-hours fees. There’s no wait to get the car either, you can just get in and go.

There’s no paperwork for your staff or accounts team 

From filling out insurance forms, to documenting licenses, tracking kilometres, filing confusing bills and organising reimbursements, using GoGet simplifies all of your paperwork taking away the need to do any of this and ultimately improving staff efficiency. When you GoGet, your business travel is managed through one simple monthly bill. Any team member on your account can just grab a car and go whenever they need it for work-related travel.

Not only are your staff saving time day-to-day when they pick-up and drop off the vehicle, your accounts or management team are saving time by not having to worry about lengthy paperwork processes and dealing with multiple invoices to process thanks to centralising your travel costs through GoGet.

You can cut-out the time-wasting practice of key management and infringement management

Key management is an important factor when it comes to fleet vehicles and an area where many businesses find themselves getting caught up. With keys coming and going and multiple staff needing fleet cars at different times, you can quickly end up with a lot of wasted time with team members having to wait on keys before they can go. Not to mention the person in the office who has to spend all of that time coordinating the changing hands of keys and overseeing their management, or having to work out who had the business car and when if an infringement comes in. GoGet’s Swipe access cars ensure we know who was driving when, increasing responsibility and simplifying management.

Maintenance, mechanical work and cleaning is all handled for you

Organising and keeping track of the mechanical maintenance of a fleet of cars is no small feat, let alone the lost productivity when those cars are with the mechanic and your staff aren’t able to drive them. The logistics and expense of keeping your car fleet clean is a whole other beast. 

We’re sure it goes without saying that all of that is handled for you with GoGet. Our cars are regularly serviced and well-maintained so you’re never affected by any downtime and you don’t have to go through the hassles of coordinating dropping cars to the mechanics or cleaners.

Jessica Frost

Jessica is an experienced freelance copywriter and content producer based out of Sydney, Australia.


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