GoGet - Brisbane's Car Share

All the freedom of a car, with none of the hassles.

Carshare in Brisbane

The most convenient and affordable way to get around the city!

GoGet makes car ownership optional, with 200+ hatchbacks, SUVs, vans, and people movers conveniently located throughout Brisbane. Simply select the vehicle that best suits your needs and only pay for the hours you need it.

We pay for fuel, insurance, registration, and maintenance. GoGet is the best car you never owned. Great for your pocket and great for the city!

“Doing things ourself with GoGet has made things easier, quicker and cheaper. I love having access to different vehicles, on demand, at a reasonable price.”

— Catrin, Bundoora Victoria


5 million trips and counting 200,000+ members 3,500+ cars

GoGet makes life easier

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    There’s a plan for every driver. Find one that suits you and join. Once you're approved we'll mail you a smart card, or you can pick one up today!.

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    Find cars near you with the GoGet app or on our website. Book just the hours you need or for a full day, and start driving straight away!

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    Find your car, hold the smart card to the reader on the windscreen, and the doors will unlock. The ignition key is near the steering wheel.

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    Just return the car to its pod with at least a quarter tank of fuel after your trip. We pay for petrol - there's a fuel card in the car to pay for it.

Get going today!

Your new life, free from the costs and hassles of car ownership, is just a quick application away! Join GoGet and give us a try.

It doesn’t matter whether you use Car Share to replace your main car, to help get by with just one, or just to use for work. 

Even better, with every GoGet replacing 10 privately owned cars, you’ll be making a positive impact on the environment and your local community.

“Very helpful service, finding cars everywhere you want to. And it’s affordable”

— Turki A. — QLD


Car share: A flexible, cost effective alternative to car ownership in Brisbane

Book cars and vans in Brisbane, by the hour or by the day

From vans to hatchbacks, GoGet Brisbane has the vehicle for the job

Fuel, cleaning, rego and servicing is all included in the price

Car Share Tips from GoGet Brisbane

  • For Students

    GoGet gives you the benefits of a car without the hassles. At great rates too!

  • Seniors Card Holders

    Our lowest rates and no membership fees! If you have a Seniors Card.

  • For Everyone

    Wheels for whatever. Round the corner. By the hour.

  • GoVan

    The easiest way to get a van in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Helping you move house, take home furniture and get your business delivering.

  • GoBusiness

    Your new, scalable fleet, without the capital expenditure.