Freelancing in Australia | Popular Freelance Jobs In Australia & How To Get Started

If you’ve ever typed ‘freelance jobs Australia’ into Google and felt disappointed by the search results, you’re not alone. Up until recently, freelancing in Australia has been an industry that only really existed behind closed doors. Successful freelancers didn’t want to share their secrets in fear of losing out on the limited work available, and businesses weren’t yet in tune with how to take advantage of freelance jobs.

Luckily, times are changing and as the modern workplace reacts to the way workers choose to balance their lifestyles. Not only that, considering how quickly technology is changing industries, there are more freelance opportunities in Australia than ever before. Welcome to the ‘‘Gig economy’.

So, if you’re wondering how to freelance, you’ve come to the right place.

What are the most popular freelance jobs Australia has to offer?


As the media landscape begins to change, freelance Journalism jobs, along with freelance editing opportunities, are becoming more popular than working full-time for a newspaper, magazine or media company. A freelance Journalist might contribute regularly to one publication or pitch their ideas to multiple media outlets in order to get work.

Graphic Design

From social media, to website design and monthly campaigns, there is plenty of freelance graphic design work to be done. So, if you’ve got an eye for design and know your way around Adobe, you’ll likely be able to find clients who need regular work.  


Freelance fashion styling, along with interior styling and visual merchandising, have always been popular freelance jobs however the rise of Instagram and LinkedIn make it easier for freelance stylists to share their work and get opportunities.

Web Development

Because web development is a niche skill and most businesses don’t require much ongoing work, it has become one of the most popular freelance jobs in Australia.

How to become a freelancer in Australia

First things first, you need to get yourself an ABN and if you plan to market yourself as a small business rather than a sole trader, you should also look into registering your business name.

Then, you need to assess your skillset and identify what you have to offer. The more specific you get, the more likely you’ll be able to be in choosing potential clients to reach out to and selling your services to them. For example, rather than deciding to be a freelance writer, market yourself as a freelance fashion writer, or freelance political reporter, if that’s more your style.

Next up, find work. The best freelancing tips will always start by telling you that it’s who you know, not what you know. This means that when starting out, you’ll probably have to put more effort into networking and meeting potential clients than you actually will working.

However, networking for freelancers has become a whole lot easier in recent years as local groups have popped up to encourage skill swapping and helping small businesses connect with potential partners. A quick Google search will help you locate groups in your local area and Facebook is also a treasure trove of both local and national groups that allow freelancers to promote their skills and connect them with clients.

Once you’ve found yourself a few clients, you’ll be able to build a portfolio of work and use that to promote your skillset and freelance services.

Money hacks for freelancers 

Of course, one of the most important things to consider as a freelancer is your income and the changes that may mean for your lifestyle. You might go through periods where you have a lot of work and are flush with cash while other times go weeks without earning any money. Being prepared is key! Here are our top budget tips for freelancers:

  1. Know what your daily expenses are and have them written down

  2. Transfer enough to cover your next month of expenses into a separate bank account every time an invoice gets paid

  3. Look into ways to reduce your expenses such as giving up your car in exchange for car sharing, renting out your spare bedroom or garage space, or renting a desk in a co-share office instead of looking for your own office space.

Want more tips to help you start a freelance business? Read up on our eight easy steps!

Jessica Frost

Jessica is an experienced freelance copywriter and content producer based out of Sydney, Australia.


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