Is Buying A Second Car Really Worth It?

A car used to be seen as the ultimate convenience, giving you the freedom to go where you wanted, when you wanted. 

But with increasing traffic congestion and decreasing parking availability, nowadays cars don’t always give you the same freedom it used to. And thanks to improving public transport and services like GoGet carshare, it’s easier than ever to get by without buying a second car.

Considering all the downsides of owning a car in the first place, you’re wise to think twice before you buy a second car. 

How common is a second car?

According to .id, 53% of Australian households had access to two or more cars in 2021. As you might expect, there were slightly more households with just one or no cars closer to the city centres in Sydney and Melbourne, but 2+ car household still make up around half of all households.

This means they’re pretty common. However, since 2014 the number of cars sold in Australia has not kept up with population increases. That means we’re still buying cars, but not as many as we used to.

While cars used to be both convenient and status symbols, they’re now more often a hassle than help. Every new or used car you buy means a round of:

  • Registration and insurance,

  • Tyres and maintenance,

  • Upfront costs and financing, and

  • Parking hassles at home and away.

And I’m sure you’ve noticed the massive increases in car ownership costs we’ve seen in Australia over the past couple of years.

Even if you don’t it drive often, a second car still costs you money. Your car will continue to depreciate and require maintenance and registration, whether or not you drive it. The average car is used just 1 hour a day but costs more than $8,000 a year to run. Not great value for money.

Alternatives to a second car

If your family doesn’t buy a second car, there will be times you need to get around when your main vehicle isn’t available. At those times you have a few options:

  • Public transport (buses and trains),

  • Active transport (walking and cycling),

  • Taxi or rideshare or

  • Car share (GoGet).

While each of these have their place, GoGet car share is especially powerful. When you need a car for a trip or errand, GoGet is a perfect replacement to a second car.

A second car vs GoGet car share

Having a second car does have some benefits. However, a GoGet membership can match almost every single one, giving you more choice for less money:

Second car benefits:

  • An extra car when you need it

  • A different model of car to your first

  • The ability to move more people with two cars

GoGet benefits:

  • Access to 3,500+ cars at any time, available to hire by the hour or the day

  • Use an SUV, hatch, van, or people mover, without owning one. You can save money by owning a smaller, cheaper to run car for your everyday needs and using GoGet when you need a bit more space

  • Ability to move 8 people at once with a People Mover

  • Cars available near your home, work, or when travelling

  • Rego, insurance, maintenance, and fuel are included

  • Cars are cleaned by us, not you

  • Only pay for a car when you use one

(Did we mention we pay for fuel?)

GoGet : The best second car you never owned

Not only will using GoGet as a second car save you the cost and hassle of another expensive vehicle, you’ll also be doing something good for the environment. Each GoGet is shared by multiple families, so the environmental impact of a GoGet is far less than that of a normal car. Every GoGet we add to our network takes 10 privately owned cars off the road, a net reduction of 9 cars. That's 9 fewer cars taking up parking and adding to traffic on your daily commute.

If you already own a second car, then switching to GoGet could also be a payday for you – sell it and you’ll have a wad of cash to spend on whatever you want! You could take a holiday, renovate your home, or pay off a debt or even upgrade your first car!

Join GoGet today and see how it suits you. We won’t lock you into a long contract, so if it doesn’t work out you can always cancel your membership. Start sharing today!

Tim Beau Bennett

Tim is an ex-journalist and radio presenter, and has been a professional writer for over a decade. He regularly writes about technology, lifestyle, and smart cities, and has written for news site including the ABC, SBS, and Australian Financial Review.


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