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$0 a month

From $8.30/hr + $0.44/km
$95/day inc. 120km
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Free membership for small businesses and sole traders

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No joining fees, ongoing membership fees or minimum spend

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Minimum total cost $0
+ $1 pre-authorisation on sign-up

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Add extra drivers for free. The whole team can drive

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Unlimited number of drivers

GoGet Small Hatchback
Small Hatchback
$8.30/hr + $0.44/km
$95/day inc. 120km
GoGet Medium Hatchback
Medium Hatchback
$10.50/hr + $0.44/km
$102/day inc. 120km
GoGet Van
$13.40/hr + $0.44/km
$115/day inc. 120km
GoGet Van
Medium Van
$13.40/hr + $0.44/km
$110/day inc. 120km
GoGet Van
People Mover
$16.20/hr + $0.44/km
$155/day inc. 120km

“Access to the range of GoGet vehicles so close to our Camperdown HQ (particularly the vans) has meant we can use vehicles as we need without having to outlay capital on our own fleet. The website booking interface is so easy to use and means we aren’t wasting time on logistics support or dealing with third parties.”

— John Benton - Sol Invictus Motorcycle Co.


“We honestly could not do what we do without GoGet. Car costs are such a huge expense in the real estate industry. GoGet is the best – it provides so much flexibility and convenience to us in an industry that really needs it. We really could not ask for a better service.”

— Kristie Looney - Property Initiatives Real Estate


GoGet gives you access to a car when you need one, without the costs and hassles of owning a car. We have vehicles parked in neighbourhood streets, shopping centres and other central locations, which you can book by the hour or by the day. See if there are GoGet cars near you by searching our network map, and join today to start driving.

Usage Rates




Small Hatch

$8.30/hour + $0.44/km $95/day inc. 120kms

Medium Hatch

$10.50/hour + $0.44/km $102/day inc. 120kms

Compact SUV

$11.90/hour + $0.44/km $110/day inc. 120kms


$13.40/hour + $0.44/km $115/day inc. 120kms


$15.00/hour + $0.44/km $124/day inc. 120kms

People Mover

$16.20/hour + $0.44/km $155/day inc. 120kms

Compact Van & Ute

$12.00/hour + $0.44/km $99/day inc. 120kms

Medium Van

$13.40/hour + $0.44/km $110/day inc. 120kms

Large Diesel Van

$14.20/hour + $0.44/km $116/day inc. 120kms


$16.00/hour + $0.44/km $145/day inc. 120kms

GoGet looks after:

The fine print:

  • Insurance is included, but you can reduce your damage cover of $3000-$5000 by paying $1.90 per hour extra, up to $19.90 per day. Find out more here

  • When you join GoGet, a pre-authorisation charge of $1 is taken to ensure that the payment card is valid. This is a temporary pre-authorisation and the release of funds can take up to 4 weeks.

  • Inconsiderate carshare etiquette may attract other fees and charges.

  • Some pods incur a location surcharge. This is listed when you choose a car and before you make a booking.