5 Creative Date Ideas To Make The Most Of Summer

There’s nothing quite like the stress of the festive season to put strain on a relationship. From crazy in-laws to endless events, even the most rock-solid couples can find that they need to shake things up a bit.

Here are 5 of the best creative date ideas to give your relationship some TLC while making the most of the Summer season!

1. Take Them For A Surfing Lesson

Grab your wetsuit and take off in one of our board friendly vans to your nearest beach where you’ll find a great swell and a load of amazing surf school options. Whether you’re a pro and are getting your significant other involved or you’re both newbies, a surfing lesson is one of our favourite creative date ideas that’s fun, will get you outdoors and most importantly…out of the Uber Eats and Netflix rut. Once you’ve got some practice under your belt, there’s no telling where you can go with your board in tow to find your next set of waves.

2. Pack A Picnic And Head Out Of Town

Not only will you be saving some cash by packing your own meal, you’ll get to surround yourself with nature and see parts of the country you may not have otherwise explored. It’s a fun, personal way to get to know someone or just spend a bit of quality time with your partner away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The best part is, you’re free to roam and pull up wherever you see fit.
Pro-tip: if you’re worried your date might not be impressed with your wheels, why not shake it up and upgrade for the weekend with a GoGet.

3. Go To A Drive-In Movie

It’s a classic Grease style date idea and while drive-in theatres are certainly more scarce, there are still a few spotted around Sydney, Melbourne and The Gold Coast. And with GoGet, no car means no worries. Why not use one of our luxe vehicles to really impress your date? You can pick one up near you, drive to theatre, put the top down and get cosy with your own selection of favourite snacks.

4. A Tour Of The Best Christmas Lights

Did anyone else follow the tradition of packing the whole family in the car, spending hours driving around looking at Christmas lights? Whether it’s your favourite pastime or your first time, an evening spent touring the suburbs in search of the best light displays is something you probably haven’t done with your partner! There are plenty of articles online that will let you know where the best streets to roam are (because yes, some people take their lights very seriously), and with a GoGet, you only pay by the hour so all in all, it’s a very affordable date.

5. Go For A Hike

Whether it’s Sydney’s Blue Mountains, or Victoria’s iconic Hanging Rock Trail you’ve always wanted to explore, now’s your time. While there are plenty of trails to suit all levels of expertise, taking your date for a hike will also help you quickly get to know them, because there’s nothing like taking someone out of their element. Be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks to keep your spirits up!

Jessica Frost

Jessica is an experienced freelance copywriter and content producer based out of Sydney, Australia.


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